How to get a prepaid SIM card at Delhi airport – SIM Card in India

I had been traveling around Southeast Asia for about a month, and finally I came to Delhi, India. This is the first time for me to come here and I had heard that it’s a little tricky to get a sim card in India. However, although it took about half a day to get verified, the process is not as complicated as i had thought. So, let me explain how I could get a sim card at Delhi airport.

What You Need

Some travel websites such as TripAdvisor and Lonely Planet say that you have to prepare lots of documents and your photo picture, but actually the rumor was not true for me.

Airtel, the largest provider of mobile technology in India, has a booth at the Delhi airport (Indira Gandhi International Airport). And, at the booth, you can easily get a sim card.

So, what you need in order to get a sim card is

– Your valid Passport with Indian Visa
– Your Family Name and First Name
– Address in India
– Address in your home country

You don’t need to prepare a copy of passport and your face pics. At the booth, an airtel staff makes a copy of my passport and also take a picture of you. It takes about only 5 mins. Very easy process!

How to Activate

Although you can get a sim card at the booth easily, the activation is unfortunately a different process. This is one of the tricky points of Indian sim card. But, it’s not so complicated as I explain below.

So, you will do those steps to get activated.

– Wait 4 hours. (You information is submitted to the Airtel office)
– Call 59059 (Airtel Call Center)
– Tell your name and the address in india to get verified
– Wait 15 mins and your phone will finally be activated!

How much is it?

I applied for one month unlimited data and unlimited call plan and it was about 2,000 Rp. I think it a little expensive and there might be some local stores where you could buy it at a lower price, but it’s very convenient and safe to get it at the airport. I think it’s worth it.


Getting a sim card at the Delhi airport is not so much difficult. I don’t know how complicated it is at a local store, but anyway you can get it easily at the airport. I recommend you to get it at the airport if you would like to make it in a convenient way.

Thanks for reading. This is the information based on my experience when I came to Delhi on March 2014. If you have some updated information about it, please let me know and I will update this article for future tourists.

Hope you had a great time in India.



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